Videos for curious STEM students


The silliest videos capture the interest of science students.

Here’s what has been popular this year in my classes:

Mitosis rap:

Weeks after finishing a unit on Genetics, I caught students listening to youtube music while we were studying motion. What were they listening to? The mitosis rap.

OK go. This too shall pass:

This song can be watched over and over and never get boring. Every age group, every topic. But most applicable when our Year 8s are exploring energy changes with a focus on kinetic and gravitational potential where they have to design their own Rube Goldberg machine.

Mentos and diet coke

Great to watch, frustrating to try. It’s never worked for us in Australia, with Australian mentos and diet coke. So disappointing. But never gets old.

Watermelon meets capacitor:

Won’t be doing that in class anytime soon…

What’s inside golf balls?:

The great thing about the internet is that whenever there is a topic of interest, an exciting question, something random in class… there is a youtube for it. We were doing a warm-up investigation on bouncing balls and factors that impact on first height bounce efficiency…so we had to find out why golf balls bounced better than bouncy balls.

Anything from They Might Be Giants’ Here come Science album.

There’s a song for every teachable moment in class in that album…

Electromagnetic spectrum song:

It’s the most effective way to learn the electromagnetic spectrum. One listen and the students say they understand completely and never need to hear the song again. 😉

And the worst video played so far this year:

Seriously, like the only video  that I could find on heat treatment of metals to try to make it interesting…and it’s so boring… I had to work real hard in class to make the quenching a climatic moment here.  I think it’s time we brought back the (expensive and slightly obscure) chocolate heat treatment practical.


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