Brainstorming solutions to lack of PL access in remote schools

In Edupreneurs they talk about coming up with 100 ideas/solutions to a problem. Probably somewhere between 80 and 100 will be a great solution that you can trial at low cost and see how it goes!

So let’s start brainstorming:

Problem: teachers in remote areas have trouble accessing PL

Ideas/solutions (no idea is too wacky -just get the creative ideas out there!):

1. Start/join an online/face-to-face educators book club for out of hours PL

2. Sign up for online distance learning e.g. universities, FutureLearn, MOOCS

3. Cancel school and have a student free day so all teachers can go on conferences at once

4. Collapse classes and have a workshop day /maker day/ enterprise day /excursion day at school to free up staff and allow some to go to external PL

4. Go to PL in school holidays

5. Ask for video recordings of seminars and lectures to watch at home so you don’t need to attend physically

6. Take the students with you to conferences

7. Put lessons online to remove teachers from classrooms and free up time away on PL

8. Attend / start virtual PL excursions for remote areas

9. Organise a guest speaker seminar day for all students with minimal supervision to free up teachers for PL attendance

10. Do a teacher-swap city-rural on a “one week” sabbatical -they get to experience another school, you get to go to the city

11. Start a temporary casual pool to attract travelling teachers, holidaying teachers, and passing-through teachers  (draw on teachers not local to the area)

12. Start a “sister school” and join other school’s PL days via video conference

13. Skype mentoring and lesson observation

14. Travelling PL – ask a great guest speaker to do a rural tour, rather than big cities.

15. Host a conference and have people come to you – destination PL! (See Be A Host

16. Book/plan for teachers’ PL at the start of the year so you can book relief teachers in advance

17. Plan for covers at the start of the term and advertise the days of work online/twitter/fb/teacher job networks and have casuals apply to teach those days (see 11)

18. Send students on an outdoor ed camp (external provider) and do PL then

19. Fast track teacher training for those in rural areas wanting to become rural casuals (like Teach for Australia’s 6 week training for people becoming teachers)

20. Have lower supervision on whole school events like Sports Day to free up staff for PL

21.  Send students on work experience or have a “visit parents’ work day” to free up staff for PL

22. Do PL in the evenings /after school hours

23. Have a local/state/national kitty of funds to apply for PL money, scholarships based on need

24. Virtually attend PL and meetings with video conference, messaging (voxer, whatsapp) and online collaborative documents (dropbox, google docs)

25. Work with cluster schoola to coordinate PL opportunities – cover for each other, organise guest speakers together, collaborate together for support 

26. Use virtual coaching – film lessons and ask people over the internet to observe your lessons and coach you.

27. Use survey tools like CCQ (class climate questionnaire) and network online to build a PLN (personal learning network) to devlop and intervention then post-test to see the impact.

28. Join an educational book club.

29. Take on a pre-service teacher and use the planning time you save for personal PL.

30. Team teach – half the planning and marking time by working with others, saving you time that can go into PL.


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