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I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin, and Stop Stealing Dreams (what is school for?). His recurrent theme is how we need to be rethinking school.

Instead of promoting and teaching compliance, how to follow instructions, how to turn up everyday, how to do the minimum amount of work so you can move on, how to not ask questions… he says we need to rethink school as these ‘skills’ are no longer what’s required in the workforce (we don’t all obediently work in factories any more). Instead, schools should teach just 2 things: how to solve problems and how to lead.

There are some strong parallels with Sir Ken Robinson – he also calls for a complete overhaul in the structure of school institutions as the “cells and bells” model (a.k.a. prison model) of factory educating stifles creativity and does not generate the type of adult this world needs.

Check out some more videos on these ideas:




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