So you ditched the textbook?

So you decided to “Keep calm and throw out your textbook” or maybe you started at a new school and they didn’t have a textbook to start with…

Here are some handpicked free online resources for building a modern, engaging, hands-on teaching and learning program in Australian Curriculum Science.

  • Science by doing
    Good resources for inquiry based practicals, and all units in Science from 7-10 in AC covered. Huge amount of tasks in each unit, so be choosy because you’d never get through it.
  • ASTA ScienceWeb
    A selected number of units of work, but from all year levels from F-10. A useful guide for sequencing content/tasks in an cohesive way.  Links to Scootle resources (videos, simulations).
  • ABC Splash
    Search using your year level and subject/keyword (not just Science). Good for a filler, a ‘hook’ at the start of a topic, or for consolidation of content as revision. I like that most videos come with a transcript, and questions for before, during and after the video.
  • Kahoots
    Kids LOVE kahoots. Use an interactive quiz as a pre-assessment, as a mid-lesson brain-break, as review at the end of the lesson. Make your own, use an existing one or adapt one. Turn the volume up!
  • Youtube educational channels
    So many great youtube channels with educational content that is pitched at high school students. Try: TEDed, Crash Course, Bozeman Science, Tyler Dewitt, Vertitasium, Vsauce, ASAP Science, Braincraft.
  • Tes Australia
    So, this one is starting to become more paid, but there’s still lots of free resources on this site for teachers.


When teaching without a textbook, having some sort of online learning management system (LMS) is going to be a huge help to compile all these resources in a coherent fashion. You might be using Google Classrooms, moodle, edmodo, SEQTA, Schoolbox, DAYMAP, IScolaris, Firefly or any number of other LMSs.

Where do you go when teaching without a textbook?


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