Ideas about promoting/marketing schools

Given we have this amazing thing called the “internet”, it makes sense that we should harness it to help promote and market all the good stuff our schools are doing. Rushton Hurley (author of “Making your school something special”) says that when promoting your school, you should talk about what students will DO at school – what they will experience that makes your school different to others. That way students and parents can visualise what school life might be like for them. Blake Seufert says schools should use pictures and videos in their online newsletters (parents love to see photos of their children) to sell what cool stuff the school does. He suggests that rather than write the school expectations and vision on a webpage, to provide images and stories of how this is applied at school – celebrate the vision through story and examples rather than just writing.

Some questions prompted by Rushton Hurley:

Q. What makes your school special?

Q. What cool things are happening at school now?

Q. What wildly cool thing needs to happen at your school?

It’s time to proactively tell the stories of success and cool from our schools.


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