Throw out your textbooks #2

Another 5 reasons to throw out your textbook:

11.Group work: Teaching with a textbook conjures up images of silent classroom with students working individually at their own desks. How can the enterprise skills of collaboration and communication and presentation skills be taught in an environment like this? Without a textbook, you are freer to have group work, class discussions and debates, pair research, collaborative practical tasks…the list goes on.

12.Be choosy about resources: I have some favourite online resources… but I don’t use them in their entirety. I am choosy depending on how I like to teach, on my cohort, on the context.

13.Flip the classroom: Want to have more time in class for students to work on problems? Flip the classroom. Source videos or make your own and have the content watched from home before class, so you can spend lesson time on other work.

14.STEM: I’m yet to see a textbook that can provide inter-disciplinary teaching across Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology. You have to throw away the textbook on this one, for authentic, integrated STEM teaching. PBL (Project based learning) has been shown to improve the enterprise skills we mentioned earlier – and it is highly hands-on and not textbook based either.

15.Get interactive: An advantage of digital resources is that you can harness them to improve learning through instant feedback to students, constant formative assessment, tracking student data and achievement, tracking student attentiveness and on-task time.


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